Propolis Supports A Healthy Immune System Supports A Healthy Immune System Supports A Healthy Immune System
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Products Since the beginning, man has been able to find help and protection in nature using tools that allowed him to survive, adapt, learn and grow, to become what he is today. Evidence of this abounds in natural medicine (homeopathy, herbology, and other disciplines). Propolis has met and continues to play a very important role in the lives of human beings. The use of Propolis dates back over 3.000 years. In ancient Egypt for example, the priests would often prescribe it for its therapeutic qualities and even used it for the Pharaoh’s mummification process; it was an invaluable ingredient to preserve the viscera of the dead.
  In ancient Greece, Propolis was used to treat skin infections such as suppurative sores and also formed part of the Islamic caravans of trade as a product equally as important as oil and wheat.
In South America, the Inca civilization used Propolis for cases of febrile infections. The demonstration of its constant use throughout history is found in research and its use in the French battlefields, in the middle of modern times.