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What is Propolis?
Propolis (also known as bee-Propolis) is a resinous substance collected from the buds of some trees and flowers, and is used by bees to repair damage to their hives; they also line the entrance to protect the hive from invaders and disease.
Where does the word Propolis come from?
The word translates from Greek as Defender of the city. “Pro” as in before, and “Polis” as city.
What are the main benefits of Propolis?
Propolis demonstrates strong antimicrobial properties against various bacteria and fungal infestations. It aids the throat and bronchial tract; relieving Bronchial and pulmonary ailments in general. Propolis should be thought of as nature’s natural antibiotic, it boosts the immune system by stimulating the Thymus gland and therefore white blood cell production.
Can you used propolis during pregnancy and breastfeeding?
There is not enough scientific evidence to recommend the use of propolis during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Many tinctures contain alcohol and should be avoided during pregnancy.
Many herbs and supplements have not been thoroughly tested for interactions with other herbs, supplements, drugs, or foods. You should always read product labels. If you have a medical condition, or are taking other drugs, herbs, or supplements, you should speak with your Doctor or a qualified healthcare professional before starting a new therapy.
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